•     “Star of the Week”

       Your child is invited to participate in our classroom”star of the week” program.   As star of the week each child is celebrated as having unique personalities and talents through activities and discussions at home and school.  Each student will have a designated week where they will be the classroom’s “star.”  The student will have special privileges during their week as star like being the teacher’s special helper and bringing a share item from home every day of the week.  The star will also have the big responsibility of taking care of our class pet “Clifford the Big Red Dog” over the weekend.  Each student’s week will begin on a Friday and will carry over until the next Friday with the presentation of the new star. 

      Here is some information to help you become familiar with this exciting program:   

      Clifford is a small stuffed animal who enjoys many hugs, kisses and fun adventures.  He should be treated with kindness and respect, not to be thrown on the ground or stuffed under toys.   When it is your child’s week, he or she will bring Clifford home in a small suitcase along with a journal and Clifford’s favorite storybooks.  Your child is to care for Clifford over the weekend. Please have your child dictate one page for you to write in the journal about the adventures Clifford experienced with your family over the weekend.  On the following Monday when your child returns to school, Clifford will be his or her buddy for the rest of the week.  You and your child may also complete the “Who Am I” paper which will be sent home inside the journal notebook on Friday.  Please feel free to bring in any family photos or make any type of poster to be displayed on our Star of the Week bulletin board.

**When it is your child’s scheduled week, he/she may bring in one share item for show and tell each day of the week.

     This program is very exciting and entertaining for the children.  Thank you for your help in recognizing all of our stars!   

Mrs. Reitz  


Sept. 15-22 Ava

Jan. 19-26 Coraline

Sept. 22-29 Hannah

Jan. 26-Feb. 2 Iris

Sept.29-Oct.6 Aria

Feb. 2-9 Timmy

Oct. 6-13 Mason

Feb. 9-16 Ginny

Oct. 13-20 Aaliyah

Feb. 16-23 Miles

Oct. 20-27 Isabella

Feb. 23-Mar. 2 Xavier

Oct. 27-Nov.3 Lyla

Mar. 2-9 Steven

Nov.3-10 Daniel

Mar. 9-16 Harjot

Nov.10-17 Kobie

Mar. 16-23 Shiloh

Nov. 24-Dec.1 Jesse

Mar. 23-30 Tristan

Dec. 1-8 Amelia

Apr. 6-13 Jax

Dec. 8-15 Elizabeth

Apr. 13-20 Tanner   

Jan. 5-12 Maya

Apr. 20-27 Kaavya

Jan. 12-19 Hassan

Apr. 27-May 4 Noah